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Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.  — Deep one

My mom just said that to me, how amazing that thought really is and how true!  So we left and I shared this quote with the hubby.  As I said it out loud again, I thought wow imagine the piece of work I’ve drawn, what a weird, awkward mess it must be.  Immediately following that I thought, look what God has done to that drawing. He’s made it beautiful through all the streaks, spills, stains, he’s created his own masterpiece!!

I love that thought even more. He works each of our mistakes out for his good and glory. Amen.

Okay book thoughts:

I just finished reading The Shack and I must say Thank you to Trevor Williams for suggesting it to me.  I love visiting Oklahoma, everytime I do, Trevor suggests a new book and man this one took the cake.  Life changing for me.  I told Ron I want to buy 20 copies and send them to friends and family that enjoying reading.  I want to see lives changed!  This book for me has brought my faith to a new level, a new reality.  I treasure what I have with Christ and desire so much more!  My eyes and heart are open to receive and ready to be challenged!

I have been pouring in the word, hearing it, reading it, speaking it, and loving it!  Craig, Erwin, Perry, Ed thank you for allowing God to use each one of you!  Thank you for using your creative abilities and words to speak the truth into the lives of so many.

I hold dear the time I spent under the leadership of so many spiritual leaders in my previous employment.  Their godliness is a gift God gave me and I truly see the difference each of them have made in my life.  Thank you Laura, Randy, Trevor, you all are amazing and there are so many more.  Thank you for walking the walk and talking the talk!


My friends, we each have things in our lives we aren’t proud of and dark secrets we like to avoid in conversation.

I have been dealing with a conviction in my life that I have not been wanting to share and why.  Why, because once I admit it to you all and out loud then I have to take ownership.  Personal responsibility for it.

My conviction has been raised numerous ways to get my attention.  I have done well ignoring these but I know through my spirit pressing me that I can no longer avoid it.

I am addicted to soap operas during the day.  There is that hold on my attention that comes during lunch and doesn’t leave for a couple of hours. I do try and distract myself but sometimes I allow the urge to overtake me and give in to watching them.  I notice today how I allow myself to get so involved in a story line.

I know this isn’t how I need to waste time that God has given me to glorify him.  I know there are many productive things I could be doing that I’m not.

I know I need to find accountability and ask our Lord to continue to convict me.

Same Sex marriage vs Man and Women marriage – Why do we have to make this choice.  Why can’t we keep with the tradition and uphold our Biblical values.

Since when are Gangs like churches?  Tell me how that works… Convince me the we don’t have a gang issue, well maybe in your little 10 x 10 area you don’t.  Gangs = Church = Family = not all activities in either needs to be warranted; oh my

I listen to these people share their views on these propositions and I wonder what country do I live in.  Where is the place my grandparents grew up or where I was raised.

It reminds me so much more that we have to pray for our kids.  This isn’t gonna get any better for our kids.  As they grow up things are going to get so much more difficult.

This week everywhere I turned I was learning about being a strong woman of God and how I affect all the lives I come in contact with daily. Our prayers and intercession really matter and make a huge difference.  As in Acts when Peter was in jail; then set free by the angel who woke him from those interceding for him that evening.

Pray Pray Pray – it changes everything!  Our prayers mean the world to one who created us.  He knows everything about us and where we are at;  but he wants to hear it from us, he wants to here our spin on what is happening.  For us to cry out to him to know that we trust him to build that relationship with us.

Pray with Power:  My powerful princess, do not waste your walk through life today. Open your spiritual eyes. Prayer is needed everywhere. Any where you walk today I can and will order yours steps, if you will let Me. Pray while you’re driving, while you’re cooking, and while you’re doing laundry and running errands. Of all the weapons in the world, prayer is your most powerful resource. Don’t let the day begin or end without letting yours prayers to Me pave the way in all you do. Wherever you go, remember that part of your royal privilege is raising your voice to heaven. So hold on to the promises that are yours and pray! Love, Your King and Intercessor (His Princess, Love Letters from Your King – Sheri Rose Shepherd)

Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the holy spirit. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers all Christians everywhere. Ephesians 6:18

Okay so today I did my morning devotion it was good.  I joined the Ladies Life Group this morning and I was bit undecided when I got there if I wanted to go in.  I looked around the parking lot and then saw a few ladies go in.  I remember back to the fact this Bible Study wasnt about me; Its about a relationship with Jesus.  I decided to go in as I walked in I prayed Lord open my heart so I can grow closer to you.

The study is on Power of a Praying Woman.  I was excited when I walked in and saw a group of older women, ones not my age or younger, but older.  I enjoy that from time to time.  After 40min into the lesson I started to drift, lost focus.  I started wondering how much longer would we be there. 20 min later we broke into small groups.  I thought of we must be getting together for prayer, nope I was wrong.  We had 3 questions to review and prayer time following.  I couldnt believe it, we really were going to go through the lesson again.  We already had an open discussion during the lesson.

Do you ever have those times you seem to lose focus and thought how much longer.  I was feeling disappointed in myself that I had lost interest in the lesson and wondered why I was feeling that way. I prayed again Lord why am I here, why do I feel like I’m back in old school.  A girl next to me started talking about Halloween and her son.  I listened to Grandma and Great Grandma’s response they were typical answers with bible verses and so forth.  Then we moved on to the following questions.  As I still watched the clock.  We finally made it to prayer time; they brought up the Halloween subject again and I finally spoke up.  I shared the way I dealt with being a single mom and a christian with her.  I know my exhusband didnt share my same values at the time.  I knew where she was at.  I told her I told my kids when they were 5,6,9 that Halloween was the Devil’s birthday just as Christmas was Jesus’s birthday.  As for our home we wont participate in the Devil’s birthday.  They totally understood it from that perspective.  Her eyes lighted up and she was so relieved at the simplicity of the explanation.  We then all prayed.  After prayer time, great grandma said she really liked the concept of the Devils’ birthday for Halloween.  Then I knew why I was there.

I do understand there are more biblical ways of explaining things but I do believe when it comes to each of us sometimes the simplicity of things is so much easier to understand.  We need to break things down for one another.

I still dont like the fact I lose focus.  Keeping my attention sometimes seems difficult.

Just wondering if I’m the only one who finds themselves watching clocks, doodling, not hearing what’s being spoken….

Can I just share with you how much I am blessed!  God surely didn’t need to take the time and bless me; but I am so happy He has.

Yesterday I wondered how oh how are we going to address the problem my son has with porn.  Yes moms its hard to believe and want to acknowledge but our young men struggle with it. Some more than others.  After the call from the school, I blogged, after I blogged I had the opportunity to spend quiet time with my son after school.  During that time I found he had been texting girls inappropriately.  I knew I needed to take his phone away, but I didn’t want too.  I wanted to believe and give him the freedom to make the right choices.  I wanted to continue enabling him really is what its called.  I put an SOS out to my sons close mentor. I talked to my husband but not completely open because when he asked about the phone being a problem I said no not really.  Then as the night went on, I got this IM from a good friend who asked if I had some time and freedom of space to chat; she had just finished reading my blog.  I said sure; while at the same time a friend of the family was sharing with me his thoughts.  She shared with me that my son had even texted her while I was away and asked about underwear for a girlfriend and so forth.  She was embarrassed to come to me sooner because initially she had answered him on the subject.  Nothing ever to be embarrassed for please friends always come to me.  As parents we need to be open to hear the things we don’t want to hear in order to help our kids through difficult decisions.  I love her and appreciate her honesty with me. I at that point thought I should speak to one more friend that he likes to text when I’m away so I agreed to coffee last night.  As my friend and I went out I asked her if my son had texted her recently and asked anything inappropriate.  At first she said no and we continued to talk but there it was… he had… though to her it was no big deal she talked to her husband and he said its normal all teenage boys want to see girls in their underwear.  Please remember this if ever you have a questionable thought regarding teenagers in your life…. bring it to their parents, you never know what their dealing with unless you ask. Right then, I knew I had to talk to my husband I had to be honest with myself.  My sons cell phone had to go, I admitted I was trying to protect him and that would just be doing more harm than justice for him.  The cell phone is a problem.  My son easily gave up the phone and has spoken with 2 accountability mentors in his life since.  THANK YOU Guys (and you know who you are)!!!! We have been blessed that their are men out there willing to give their time to these young men and help them through these issues. God answered prayers immediately.  Its not over but its being addressed.  Satan can try and knock us off our feet, but when we stand firm in the armor of God he will lead and protect us.  Moms, Dads, pray and pray daily for your kids no matter what their ages.  They need us fighting for them.  Thank you to all my friends who hold us in their prayers.  As I’ve stated God is Beautiful Beyond Measure! I will praise HIM through each tribulation and He will use this for good. One day our son will be a mentor for other young men!

Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the holy spirit. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all christians everywhere. Ephesians 6:18

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