This is my first blog and it’s alot of learning!  I give kudos to each of you out there for really taking the time and creating your blog spaces!  It’s going to be great journey learning and growing together through life and chatter.

Thanks Cindy Beall for leading me to to begin my blog!  You are an inspiration to me and many other women out there. Natalie Witcher, you too are another one of my favorite blog sites to follow and be inspired by.  Thank you ladies for letting God use you to lead other women.

As I close this evening I just want to leave a special message that I read in a devotional today:

I know your heart, and I know how much you love those close to you.  I am your Creator and the Giver of every good gift.  I have given you loved ones to share your life with.  But you, My child, must remember that those you love ultimately belong to Me – not to you. I didn’t give you those special relationships to tear you apart or to control you through fear of the future.  Like Abraham did with his only son, Isaac, I need you to open your heart and give back to Me those you love.  Trust Me with everything that concerns you regarding them.  Place your hand in Mine, and I promise I will walk you – and your loved ones – through all things this life brings. Love, Your trustworthy King

His Princess, Love Letters from Your King — Sheri Rose Shepherd

I read this a year ago when a friend gave me this poem as my daughter left home. It was brought to me again today as I was sharing words with a friend who lost his twin daughter 6 months ago. He shared with me how he is so weak but through God he has strength to go on each day. Read their story of the Miracle Babies, be ready to celebrate and cry through their journey.