Can I just share with you how much I am blessed!  God surely didn’t need to take the time and bless me; but I am so happy He has.

Yesterday I wondered how oh how are we going to address the problem my son has with porn.  Yes moms its hard to believe and want to acknowledge but our young men struggle with it. Some more than others.  After the call from the school, I blogged, after I blogged I had the opportunity to spend quiet time with my son after school.  During that time I found he had been texting girls inappropriately.  I knew I needed to take his phone away, but I didn’t want too.  I wanted to believe and give him the freedom to make the right choices.  I wanted to continue enabling him really is what its called.  I put an SOS out to my sons close mentor. I talked to my husband but not completely open because when he asked about the phone being a problem I said no not really.  Then as the night went on, I got this IM from a good friend who asked if I had some time and freedom of space to chat; she had just finished reading my blog.  I said sure; while at the same time a friend of the family was sharing with me his thoughts.  She shared with me that my son had even texted her while I was away and asked about underwear for a girlfriend and so forth.  She was embarrassed to come to me sooner because initially she had answered him on the subject.  Nothing ever to be embarrassed for please friends always come to me.  As parents we need to be open to hear the things we don’t want to hear in order to help our kids through difficult decisions.  I love her and appreciate her honesty with me. I at that point thought I should speak to one more friend that he likes to text when I’m away so I agreed to coffee last night.  As my friend and I went out I asked her if my son had texted her recently and asked anything inappropriate.  At first she said no and we continued to talk but there it was… he had… though to her it was no big deal she talked to her husband and he said its normal all teenage boys want to see girls in their underwear.  Please remember this if ever you have a questionable thought regarding teenagers in your life…. bring it to their parents, you never know what their dealing with unless you ask. Right then, I knew I had to talk to my husband I had to be honest with myself.  My sons cell phone had to go, I admitted I was trying to protect him and that would just be doing more harm than justice for him.  The cell phone is a problem.  My son easily gave up the phone and has spoken with 2 accountability mentors in his life since.  THANK YOU Guys (and you know who you are)!!!! We have been blessed that their are men out there willing to give their time to these young men and help them through these issues. God answered prayers immediately.  Its not over but its being addressed.  Satan can try and knock us off our feet, but when we stand firm in the armor of God he will lead and protect us.  Moms, Dads, pray and pray daily for your kids no matter what their ages.  They need us fighting for them.  Thank you to all my friends who hold us in their prayers.  As I’ve stated God is Beautiful Beyond Measure! I will praise HIM through each tribulation and He will use this for good. One day our son will be a mentor for other young men!

Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the holy spirit. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all christians everywhere. Ephesians 6:18