Okay so today I did my morning devotion it was good.  I joined the Ladies Life Group this morning and I was bit undecided when I got there if I wanted to go in.  I looked around the parking lot and then saw a few ladies go in.  I remember back to the fact this Bible Study wasnt about me; Its about a relationship with Jesus.  I decided to go in as I walked in I prayed Lord open my heart so I can grow closer to you.

The study is on Power of a Praying Woman.  I was excited when I walked in and saw a group of older women, ones not my age or younger, but older.  I enjoy that from time to time.  After 40min into the lesson I started to drift, lost focus.  I started wondering how much longer would we be there. 20 min later we broke into small groups.  I thought of we must be getting together for prayer, nope I was wrong.  We had 3 questions to review and prayer time following.  I couldnt believe it, we really were going to go through the lesson again.  We already had an open discussion during the lesson.

Do you ever have those times you seem to lose focus and thought how much longer.  I was feeling disappointed in myself that I had lost interest in the lesson and wondered why I was feeling that way. I prayed again Lord why am I here, why do I feel like I’m back in old school.  A girl next to me started talking about Halloween and her son.  I listened to Grandma and Great Grandma’s response they were typical answers with bible verses and so forth.  Then we moved on to the following questions.  As I still watched the clock.  We finally made it to prayer time; they brought up the Halloween subject again and I finally spoke up.  I shared the way I dealt with being a single mom and a christian with her.  I know my exhusband didnt share my same values at the time.  I knew where she was at.  I told her I told my kids when they were 5,6,9 that Halloween was the Devil’s birthday just as Christmas was Jesus’s birthday.  As for our home we wont participate in the Devil’s birthday.  They totally understood it from that perspective.  Her eyes lighted up and she was so relieved at the simplicity of the explanation.  We then all prayed.  After prayer time, great grandma said she really liked the concept of the Devils’ birthday for Halloween.  Then I knew why I was there.

I do understand there are more biblical ways of explaining things but I do believe when it comes to each of us sometimes the simplicity of things is so much easier to understand.  We need to break things down for one another.

I still dont like the fact I lose focus.  Keeping my attention sometimes seems difficult.

Just wondering if I’m the only one who finds themselves watching clocks, doodling, not hearing what’s being spoken….