My friends, we each have things in our lives we aren’t proud of and dark secrets we like to avoid in conversation.

I have been dealing with a conviction in my life that I have not been wanting to share and why.  Why, because once I admit it to you all and out loud then I have to take ownership.  Personal responsibility for it.

My conviction has been raised numerous ways to get my attention.  I have done well ignoring these but I know through my spirit pressing me that I can no longer avoid it.

I am addicted to soap operas during the day.  There is that hold on my attention that comes during lunch and doesn’t leave for a couple of hours. I do try and distract myself but sometimes I allow the urge to overtake me and give in to watching them.  I notice today how I allow myself to get so involved in a story line.

I know this isn’t how I need to waste time that God has given me to glorify him.  I know there are many productive things I could be doing that I’m not.

I know I need to find accountability and ask our Lord to continue to convict me.