Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.  — Deep one

My mom just said that to me, how amazing that thought really is and how true!  So we left and I shared this quote with the hubby.  As I said it out loud again, I thought wow imagine the piece of work I’ve drawn, what a weird, awkward mess it must be.  Immediately following that I thought, look what God has done to that drawing. He’s made it beautiful through all the streaks, spills, stains, he’s created his own masterpiece!!

I love that thought even more. He works each of our mistakes out for his good and glory. Amen.

Okay book thoughts:

I just finished reading The Shack and I must say Thank you to Trevor Williams for suggesting it to me.  I love visiting Oklahoma, everytime I do, Trevor suggests a new book and man this one took the cake.  Life changing for me.  I told Ron I want to buy 20 copies and send them to friends and family that enjoying reading.  I want to see lives changed!  This book for me has brought my faith to a new level, a new reality.  I treasure what I have with Christ and desire so much more!  My eyes and heart are open to receive and ready to be challenged!

I have been pouring in the word, hearing it, reading it, speaking it, and loving it!  Craig, Erwin, Perry, Ed thank you for allowing God to use each one of you!  Thank you for using your creative abilities and words to speak the truth into the lives of so many.

I hold dear the time I spent under the leadership of so many spiritual leaders in my previous employment.  Their godliness is a gift God gave me and I truly see the difference each of them have made in my life.  Thank you Laura, Randy, Trevor, you all are amazing and there are so many more.  Thank you for walking the walk and talking the talk!