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Today is the first day of the week and it started off rough. I woke up, a blessing, I felt better, a blessing, I have my family and my husband awake with me, a blessing, I have a car which runs, a blessing, I a home full of pets, a blessing, I have a home, a blessing, I have the freedom to read my bible, a blessing, I have a tv to watch the news, a blessing, I have the internet to communicate with friends and family, a blessing, i have food to eat, a blessing, I have people who want to hang out with me, a blessing, I have running water, a blessing, I have clothes and their clean, a blessing… and that’s only to name a few blessings. But one thing that can spoil all the blessings is fighting with my step son first thing in the morning.  Makes me feel like a real horrible mom.  What a way for my teens to start their day.  Not only did I make his Monday a horrible one, but it affected each of the kids.  We have a rough relationship as it is and things have been going real well the past two weeks.  Then BOOM!  I let old self get in the way, over something so simple.  Why do teens have to make things so complicated; why do I allow myself to get so worked up instead of just keep a level head.  For the morning I let the identity thieves come in my mind and overwhelm me at what I should of done, how horrible I really am.  It didn’t take me as long as it use too, but I finally cried out to Jesus.  I finally took the time I needed to repent and work it out.  I put the steps in place to bring healing to this relationship and I took the step to apologize to each of them.  I talked with him during his lunch break and after school about how we need to change things.  I know its not only me, but I can only work on myself and recognize what I can do to change things.  I am thankful for friends that share even the little things in their lives that mean so much to others.  When we allow God to use us through our simple thoughts and deeds.  Thank you Amy for your post on Facebook today! It’s just what I needed to read and hear!  I’ve pasted in the simple note that she posted for all to read…. 🙂


Last weekend at the Beyond Women’s Event, sweet Shari talked about identity. Thieves in many forms can steal it… but God creates and recreates it.

What steals your identity as you see yourself?

Sometimes I feel…
invisible, unworthy, tired, lonely, poor body image, guilty, bitter, finances, last, rejected, envious, lost, single

What is your identity as God sees you?

But in Christ I am…
accepted, friend, forgiven, comforted, adopted, called, free, loved, protected, beautiful

~Romans 12:2~
Do not conform anylonger to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


Todays message at church was great. Practical Athesist you can check it our for yourself Tuesday live on the internet.

The message to me made me think of the way I spend my time.  To most Time is Money.  I thought I am going to see how many shows I have recording on my dvr and read that much more.  Let’s say I have 5 shows recording, which is equal to 5 hours, than I will read for 6 hours. By reading I don’t mean junk fictional stuff I mean my bible and a book that can inspire and motivate me to become more of who God has called me to be.  I have several books in mind… Wide Awake, Soul Craving, IT, John’s Story, and In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.

The next item on my list of changes from this weeks message is how we do Christmas.  We already do it differently than most.  We celebrate Christmas by celebrating the birth of Christ with a birthday party.  We have cake, ice cream, and for gifts we write down three things we want to give to Christ the following year.  We take turns reading the Christmas story as well.  We have a nice homemade dinner and then enjoy each other’s company for the remaining of the day.  We don’t put up a Christmas tree, I love lights though. We use a homemade manager with hay in it and I hang up the star of Bethlehem in the corner.  The kids each get 3 gifts a piece, a stocking, and the kids don’t open these items until New Years Eve.  This year though I believe we are going to do it differently.  We will discuss our ideas with the kids and finalize it together as a family.  I am thinking one gift for each of them, serve at a local mission on Christmas, and an option to go on a missions trip during the following year or adopt a child from another country to provide for through a mission. I’ll keep ya posted on how we decide to move forward.  Truly do we need anything.
How do you celebrate Christmas or Birthdays? I’d love to hear your traditions or changes your making this year…..

It’s Saturday and everyone is out and about doing yard work, going shopping, visiting friends and relatives, enjoying soccer games, watching college football, and going to movies.  Its a beautiful day here in So Cal.  Sun is shining, wind is blowing (hard), and leaves have fallen.  I sit here in my living room enjoying the sound of the wind chimes and listening to the wind blow.  So amazing how we can’t see the wind, though we feel it and hear it.  Such is the beauty of the wind.

The sound of the wind chimes brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. We are home today just relishing in the quietness of the day.  Relaxing instead of rushing the day by.   I hear the leaves roll across the sidewalk, the birds sing as they enjoy the company of one another while in search of food. Once they find the food I’ve placed outside the window I get to enjoy them flying in and away from the holder. I watch them push one another and peck one another off the perches.

Hi my friends… First, let me thank my on my instant call list when prayers are needed.. You Rock.  I am asking for prayers of recovery.  I was sent to the ER this morning and still unsure whats happening.  The doctor did an EKG, chest xrays, blood work, gave me a GI Drink, didnt work… Than she thought maybe anxiety/stress so she gave me some meds in the IV, well it may be crash hard to sleep.  She sent me home saying go Rest, follow up with your doctor, if it begins again this weekend, come back in.  Well I slept for 3 hours and my head still feels funny from whatever she gave me.

*So what happen… Thurs night upon going to bed, my chest felt funny, really weird feeling, kinda like your arm following alseep but no pins, following the chest sensation, my left arm all gets that same sensation and I have to like rub it rub it rub it, and I cant shake the feeling.  Then it passes and about 7 min later it starts again.  I have to take real deep breaths when my chest gets that feeling, i feel shaky, and from time to time I get light headed.

Needless to say now that I just got settled on my couch curled up and sipping on chicken broth, cuz I’m not hungry at all and havent eaten since my bagel this morning, its starting again.  Will I complain again this weekend, nope… If they didnt find something today, whats going to change… I felt stupid being there with in her eyes nothing was wrong, but maybe stress.  I’m thinking stress I don’t think so…. I have a great life… Right now all I am doing is staying home loving life and resting, taking it easy, praying for my next step and creating  a closer relationship w/Christ.  I’m in his hands, please just join me in prayer.  Any suggestions let me know. 🙂

Wow, I shouldnt be amazed at what God is doing in my family’s life, but I am in awe of His Majesty and wonder how I could I not want to serve Him or follow Him.

I have some praise reports happening right now as we speak, surely none of these concerns of mine are in the completion stages but they are mid way through and its time to share the JOY and give PRAISE where it is due… I’ll be back I’m sure to share the endings of each of these:


1. My sister has been going through a divorce and its been rough.  God has brought her down on her knees with her hands held up to him and her head hung low.  Now she’s standing with her arms outstretched and head high, shoulders back and Praises just following through every word out of her mouth!  She was on the stand yesterday with confidence, knowing that her God is with her and no one can come against her.  Honesty and obediance are her refuge…. He will overcome, she is victorious with her 4 children!

2.  My sister has had a major surgery and a had time dealing with it.  Not just surgery wise of learning to live a different lifestyle.  But her whole life is changing before her eyes.  As she has grown close to her new relationships at church and with Jesus, everything is new.  We learn as we draw closer to him our secrets are revealed and we must face those demons and bury them with Christ or turn our backs on Him.  The choice is ours.  I am PROUD of YOU SIS!!!  You are an amazing Sister and I’m so glad Christ has come into your life.  She has been battling a pain killer addiction and has taken the step of getting the help she needs.  She did it without any knowledge to anyone, just signed herself into the hospital!!! Isn’t God good!  He is amazing and I’m so glad he’s moving throughout my family.

3.  I am currently unemployed and not sure what he has next for me.  He has told me to prepare my home, go deep and clean it out, get it organized and be ready.  We are just about done.  Really been working hard on this task and keeping focused.  I think one more week and its complete!  Then what?  I’m truly not sure.  I know I want a flexible position, I know I want to work from an office and from home, I know I want Taylor to have the freedom to be with me or not, I know I need to be available for our boys in the morning and after school, and I know I want to be used in making a difference in people’s lives. Okay God, I’m yours use me, you know the desires of my heart.  I’m Yours!



1.  Zachary’s Fundraising — Trip for National Security in Washingston DC (Life changing event) He stll needs to raise $1800…. Praise he received $210 so far….

2.  Taylor — Swimming, she wants to join the swim team again and we can’t afford it currently so she has asked to work for it with the coaches.  She has a meeting with coach to discuss what they can work out. 🙂

3.  Jake — Job interview at the Gap Outlet!  Our relationship as it continues to grow and become more healthy.

4. Ron — His orders are due to be cut by February.

5.  Joann — Divorce finalization, that God finds favor for her and her kids

6.  Diane — Recovery

7.  Michael — That he be surrounded by Christian men and his heart be soften to know Christ.

8.  Mom — Her car situation and that the house would sell quickly.

9. Christina — Her heart to be filled with God’s goodness and to place other women around her that she can build a relationship or two where she’s at.

10. Christina — That God continues to give her the strength and mends her heart filling it with memories and joy!

11. Kris and Chris — Their marriage would be one that they treasure and put first after Christ.  They continue to grow as one.

12. Me (Carol) — A Job…

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