Okay Ladies.. I dont know about each of you, but let me say I am feeling accomplished! My house is FINALLY getting in order.

This may seem odd to some of you, but my spiritual life feels really out of whack when my house isnt in order. Ya, I can get it picked up looking good, but I still was feeling just okay with it. Satisfied. That was when I was going, going, going with work, teens, swim, Ron, and friends.

Now that I’m not home for awhile and have felt my relationship with Christ taking on a whole new level.  I’ve started really digging in at home.

Our living room and office took all last week.  The kids now make comments that it looks so roomy and empty.  I love it that way.  This weekend, Ron and I did the kitchen, organized all the closets and pantry.  He even sorted the freezer.  Oh so much done. But, the biggest of all has been our garage… The whole right wall was stacked with boxes, we have gone through them, made donation boxes, trash, trash, trash, and put stuff away.  How wonderful.  My insides feel sooooo good, my spiritual side is over joyed.  It was like having a hidden sin dragging me down, having my home so out of order. Now I feel renewed, refreshed, CLEAN!

I still have things left to do this week, hall closets and our bedroom. That seems like nothing now that everything else is done in the house.

….. Then the outside