This weekend as Ron and I did our grocery shopping we were discussing how much we have changed.  The new challenge we’ve been facing over the past few months.

Ron has gone vegan and I have become vegetarian mostly.  My endocrinologist told me this week I have to have some chicken and fish at least 3 times a week for the protein since I’ve had surgery.  So of course the only chicken is hormone free, skinless, and boneless. Same with the fish.

We read every label of anything we buy, no hydrogenated oils, sugar, dextrose, high fructose, asorbic acids, and lactose free… amongst other things.  As Ron would say if you don’t know what it is, never mind or if just sounds wrong, pass.  Everything we’ve been buying has just the basics; peas/salt/water… peanuts/salt… we do eat multigrain pasta, organic sauces, brown rice only, all kinds of beans, oats, fruits, veggies.

It’s crazy to think Ron is eating a multiple assortment of vegetables. When I first married him he would only eat Corn, Peas, Green Beans cut.  Now broccoli, squash, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, radishes, sprouts and salads, hold the tomatos!

We eat raw nuts, plain rice cakes w/pb and fruit, oh ya and snap pea crisps.  One of my favorite snacks is a sweet sesame rice cake.

Can you imagine this: Ron has lost the coffee and only drink all natural teas, we actually order them online (Wisdom and Yogi teas). I drink hot tea all day as well, except I do get one cup of coffee a day.  I enjoy that quiet social time with coffee and friends. 🙂

We enjoy soy ice cream and soy milk.  This week of new item to try is tofu, I’ll let you know how that goes.  Need to find a recipe to use it in.  Next week we’ll find another experiment.

There are so many new foods we havent tried yet, its surely an exciting adventure.  Follow along you may find a new food you’ll like as well.

Recipe:  Super Natural Platter

Cornbread (Trader Joes – has the best one!!!!)

Brown Rice

Pinto Beans

Thinly sliced strips of summer squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, fresh green beans

Cook each one as directed excepted saute/wok the veggies… then layer each one

Enjoy, its really yummy!  (You can add shredded cheese to top it off with, then you’ll have to heat and melt the cheese)

I know most of you are thinking what about our kids… well they are teens and can fend for themselves. Ha   Seriously though at first they were like yuck, no way, then they’d try something in a small amount and hunt for other things in the house.  Now they are asking for certain items that we’ve tried.  They don’t mind at all anymore trying these new items and have learned they actually like most of them.  Zachary even ate Broccoli and discovered he likes it.  Taylor loves hummus, snap pea crisps, edamine, etc  Jake, he likes the rice/bean bowls.  Its wonderful to see them make healthier choices as well.

Remember your influence as a parent goes a long way.