Statement from Charlie “Tremendous” Jones back in July 2008 to his friends at ABC 27 WHTM:

“Some live their lives according to the calendar. I live my life according to experiences, so I think I’m about 1,800 years and I’m tired. I gotta get out of here,” he laughs.

At 4 pm, October 16, 2008, Charles Edward “Tremendous” Jones, with family at his side, triumphantly entered the gates of Heaven. We can only imagine the joy that he experienced!  (

Awww, so glad to hear our brother in Christ has gone to be our Papa.  His life has a legacy to be heard still by many and he’ll continue to inspire even though he is no longer here to physically to do so.  To hear or read words by Charlie goto, they have a grand collection.

Our hearts are with his family at this time of sadness and celebration.  They are having a homegoing celebration this Friday evening, from 7 – 8:30pm (EST) in Camp Hill, PA. You can goto the above site I listed for more information.