Currently I wish I could be inspiring and funny or something.  My brain must be draining, cuz I can’t think right now.  Do you have those days where you know there is stuff happening up there but you kind of lose it and can’t get it out.  hahaha 🙂

I voted today.  People wonder why did I waste time standing in line to vote, was it really worth it or not.  I guess I don’t understand that thought.  I think its a privilege to give our point of view freely in this country.  So many others don’t have the freedom to have a say in their government.  Ya we may not get the final say, but we have our chance.  Each one matters.  Also I think God gave us choices and we need to stand in for what he would stand for and giving our opinion is doing that.

What is your thought?

And for those interested in my blogs, I will be blogging in the evenings my time (PST).