When you give unto others the more you get back! Monday I sent flowers to my sister’s birthday which is today and then this afternoon I was asked for dinner by a friend.  As I prepare to meet my friend who offered to pick me up Ron and I talked about where I was going to suggest dinner.  It depended really did she want sit down or something quick and walk.  So I came up with a few suggestions if the question arose.  A place call Mariann’s a wonderful hole in the wall family Italian restaurant, a second choice of Subway, or even Panda Express.  Okay I had 3 choices all nearby.

My friend met me on base and we drove off.  She didnt ask me about dinner and just drove.  About 10 min later she mentioned a restaurant where she would like to bring me and I had never heard of it.  Always ready for something new especially since Ron has gone vegan, we are always trying new foods.  ha you could only imagine.

Well we ended up at Watermark (W20) on Main St in Ventura. WOW, an amazing restaurant and bar.  It was gorgeous.  I had been by this place many times, never realized what a wonderful and beautiful spot it actually is.  They had a gentleman standing outside the door in a suit opening the door for you and a beautiful hostess.  The chandeliers and lighting in this place is spectacular off the wood floors.  We went up to the 3rd floor to the bar and so many choices of where to sit.  You could see the city from different sides of the room or sit in front of a fire place or around the bar or even on the balcony.  I chose in front of the fire place.  We had a drink and got a small bite to eat, I had ‘Seared Ahi Salad’ and she got KOBO Sliders.  It was so tasty and seared to perfection.  Following I had the Tahiti Vanilla Creme Brulee…… YUMMY!!!

It was such a great time with a wonderful guest.  We sat and enjoyed the company for 2 hours.  She insisted this was her treat.  I was sooo thankful.  Wow, a wonderful evening out — I felt like I was celebrating for my sister back home having her birthday today.

As you give unto others more will be given unto you… I sent flowers and I received a night out for dinner, with a marvelous dinner, and great company!!!  I was blessed 10 times more than I gave.

God is good.  Thank you Father for your love.  You always return the blessing double, triple, and more when we so freely give unto others.