Today I did this crazy thing that seems to be going around in my home.  I signed up to finish my Bachelor’s degree online.  Ron is taking 3 night classes, Zach is taking 3 night classes, Jake is about to go 2 nights a week, and Taylor well she’s at a charter school so she is home all week with me while she does her school work.

Since I’m not currently working and hanging out around the house. Well not really just hanging around the house.  We’ve gotten alot done around here and through all our storage.  Now that its all organized I’ve been thinking of what to do.  Then today I did it; I had been here and there looking into classes, but really hadn’t thought to jump in.  So I made a phone call, found a school with a good online program that also has a great military program for the spouses as well.  BONUS!

I’ll start my first class Nov. 15th, its five weeks long, I only have to log in twice a week, isn’t that crazy.  I know if I was working, I probably think that is great.  Right now I’m like seriously… ha I can only take 1 class at a time until I prove I can hold my grade point average at a 2.0, then I can take up to two every 5 weeks.  I guess that is good, besides the cost of the classes could get out of hand.

I am pretty excited to have this to look forward too now.  Next I am going to start an online life group during the mid morning for women.  I need to fill my calendar with productive personal development time while I am home to continue learning and growing.

My goals are school, life group, and 2 dates with girlfriends for coffee a week. Woohoo, now I’m ready!  Maybe hint hint if any of you have time, we could do coffee and chat time during the week together.  Now there’s another idea for those I can’t see in person. 🙂

Ron has me currently in school for him.  He bought me a book I wanted last weekend and suggested to me to have it read and to provide him a report Friday, at noon.  The books is ‘Tribes’ by Seth Godin.  I’ll post my report for you all to read as well.

Any suggestions for my next book and report????   Let me know
Keep on learning, challenging yourself, and growing…. 🙂