Okay so today I enjoyed the quiet time I had to myself while Taylor was at school and Ron at work.  It was great to come home and read the WORD alone and in silence.  It’s amazing how reading the WORD just relaxes you and time flies by.  It draws you in and you can imagine being right there listening to Paul or Peter speaking.  Then you picture your own life with the words their speaking.  Amazing how life changing it is.

After my morning quiet time, I went and picked up Taylor from class and I try and reserve that immediate time with her only with her.  I don’t make calls or take them while I’m with her initially after picking her up.  It’s her time to chat about her exams for the week and work load she has for the immediate school week. I think it’s so important to keep the time with your kids whether little or teens just for them.  At least 30 min is required for them alone.

This afternoon I picked up the boys and Zach drove us home  How crazy is that to think Zach is driving.  I actually felt at peace and he did real well.  Now its working with Jake on his driving us home.  One at a time is good, teaching 2 at a time is much harder. 🙂 Still like Taylor they need that drive home just for them.  So we talk about their day and plans for the week.  We usually discuss dinner and what the evening lies ahead.

Treasure these time with your young ones and your older ones.  They long to connect with you as we do our heavenly Father when we put him first each day.

I even make time for my oldest who isnt at home.  I know she misses me as I miss her.  This week we seem to have those chats a little more and even text awhile.  She won’t be making it here for Thanksgiving, but I totally understand they are just getting on their feet and have a cruise coming up soon.  She’s thinking about heading out early next year to collect her things now.  But I’d like to go out for Jan again to be there for her birthday.  I need to make the time special for her as well.  She doesnt share as easily as she did when she lived at home. She called this weekend in tears and it broke my heart but brought a smile to face as well.  I felt so special that she reached out to me for advice and just needing that hug and reassurance your mom can give you.  I loved it and thank Jesus for making me a mother.

Okay now that I talked about kids/teens lets discuss our spouses.  They are just as important.  They need those special moments too.  We have a date night Friday since all the kids will be at the high school football game.  I’m not sure what we are going to do yet, but quiet time is so great together.  I’m sure we’ll go to dinner and if warm enough to the beach area that I love to walk together.  If not we’ll goto one of our favorite spots… don’t laugh, Borders.  We enjoy going there and just hanging out to check out books and make wish lists.  That’s how I got Tribes and a book report.  🙂 Another thing we do monthly is keep the day we got married on special.  Every 19th we do something for one another, write a sweet note, buy a single flower, leave it on the pillow, a cd/a book, pinic dinner, something for one another that lets us know we remember how special this day is.  So remember keep it holy, dont argue with them, give them a day of rest of your nagging, wait til the following day.  Make his favorite dinner or bake a treat he enjoys.  Something simple always is great.

*** Did I tell you, my grandbaby had puppies this weekend, Sunday morning!!! 7 of them, but one passed.   They have 5 girls and 1 boy…. I really want the oldest, she is a girl…. I can’t wait to see a pictures as she grows…. 🙂 She is black with white spots.. I’m sure she is precious.

Okay off for now, I’ll check in tomorrow….