Wow, I shouldnt be amazed at what God is doing in my family’s life, but I am in awe of His Majesty and wonder how I could I not want to serve Him or follow Him.

I have some praise reports happening right now as we speak, surely none of these concerns of mine are in the completion stages but they are mid way through and its time to share the JOY and give PRAISE where it is due… I’ll be back I’m sure to share the endings of each of these:


1. My sister has been going through a divorce and its been rough.  God has brought her down on her knees with her hands held up to him and her head hung low.  Now she’s standing with her arms outstretched and head high, shoulders back and Praises just following through every word out of her mouth!  She was on the stand yesterday with confidence, knowing that her God is with her and no one can come against her.  Honesty and obediance are her refuge…. He will overcome, she is victorious with her 4 children!

2.  My sister has had a major surgery and a had time dealing with it.  Not just surgery wise of learning to live a different lifestyle.  But her whole life is changing before her eyes.  As she has grown close to her new relationships at church and with Jesus, everything is new.  We learn as we draw closer to him our secrets are revealed and we must face those demons and bury them with Christ or turn our backs on Him.  The choice is ours.  I am PROUD of YOU SIS!!!  You are an amazing Sister and I’m so glad Christ has come into your life.  She has been battling a pain killer addiction and has taken the step of getting the help she needs.  She did it without any knowledge to anyone, just signed herself into the hospital!!! Isn’t God good!  He is amazing and I’m so glad he’s moving throughout my family.

3.  I am currently unemployed and not sure what he has next for me.  He has told me to prepare my home, go deep and clean it out, get it organized and be ready.  We are just about done.  Really been working hard on this task and keeping focused.  I think one more week and its complete!  Then what?  I’m truly not sure.  I know I want a flexible position, I know I want to work from an office and from home, I know I want Taylor to have the freedom to be with me or not, I know I need to be available for our boys in the morning and after school, and I know I want to be used in making a difference in people’s lives. Okay God, I’m yours use me, you know the desires of my heart.  I’m Yours!



1.  Zachary’s Fundraising — Trip for National Security in Washingston DC (Life changing event) He stll needs to raise $1800…. Praise he received $210 so far….

2.  Taylor — Swimming, she wants to join the swim team again and we can’t afford it currently so she has asked to work for it with the coaches.  She has a meeting with coach to discuss what they can work out. 🙂

3.  Jake — Job interview at the Gap Outlet!  Our relationship as it continues to grow and become more healthy.

4. Ron — His orders are due to be cut by February.

5.  Joann — Divorce finalization, that God finds favor for her and her kids

6.  Diane — Recovery

7.  Michael — That he be surrounded by Christian men and his heart be soften to know Christ.

8.  Mom — Her car situation and that the house would sell quickly.

9. Christina — Her heart to be filled with God’s goodness and to place other women around her that she can build a relationship or two where she’s at.

10. Christina — That God continues to give her the strength and mends her heart filling it with memories and joy!

11. Kris and Chris — Their marriage would be one that they treasure and put first after Christ.  They continue to grow as one.

12. Me (Carol) — A Job…