Hi my friends… First, let me thank my on my instant call list when prayers are needed.. You Rock.  I am asking for prayers of recovery.  I was sent to the ER this morning and still unsure whats happening.  The doctor did an EKG, chest xrays, blood work, gave me a GI Drink, didnt work… Than she thought maybe anxiety/stress so she gave me some meds in the IV, well it may be crash hard to sleep.  She sent me home saying go Rest, follow up with your doctor, if it begins again this weekend, come back in.  Well I slept for 3 hours and my head still feels funny from whatever she gave me.

*So what happen… Thurs night upon going to bed, my chest felt funny, really weird feeling, kinda like your arm following alseep but no pins, following the chest sensation, my left arm all gets that same sensation and I have to like rub it rub it rub it, and I cant shake the feeling.  Then it passes and about 7 min later it starts again.  I have to take real deep breaths when my chest gets that feeling, i feel shaky, and from time to time I get light headed.

Needless to say now that I just got settled on my couch curled up and sipping on chicken broth, cuz I’m not hungry at all and havent eaten since my bagel this morning, its starting again.  Will I complain again this weekend, nope… If they didnt find something today, whats going to change… I felt stupid being there with in her eyes nothing was wrong, but maybe stress.  I’m thinking stress I don’t think so…. I have a great life… Right now all I am doing is staying home loving life and resting, taking it easy, praying for my next step and creating  a closer relationship w/Christ.  I’m in his hands, please just join me in prayer.  Any suggestions let me know. 🙂