As I sit here this evening not able to sleep I have lots of thoughts traveling in my mind.  I am troubled by a relationship I’ve had in the past few years.  You think you know someone and then as that relationship ends you discover the truth.  There had been troubled waters one last time we seen one another.  I’ve tried a few times to clear those waters and have been ignored. Since the attempts I’ve learned some things that have sadden my heart for these friends.  Tonight I took the first step of saying goodbye and letting those unhealthy relationships go.  It was hard to start with delete within our social networks, but I know it was the right thing to do.  Create that space.  As I deleted I battled with doing so and not doing so… I know in my spirit I needed to and I finally did.  It’s sometimes hard to do the right thing.

I can accept peace in knowing I’ve done what was necessary and that Jesus will pour out His joy into my life.  I know He is smiling at me for accepting His hand while letting go.  He will fill that void with healthy new relationships as I move forward in 2009.

——   We all have many enemies, know that our God is our protector — Psalm 3: 1- 8 & Psalm 4: 1-8 (my morning and evening prayer)