Are you hungry?  Not for my food my friends, but for the Truth.  Is the a hollow, empty feeling inside your soul? Do you try and find what can fill the void inside your soul….

I am hungry, but until now I didn’t truly know that it was my soul crying out for the Truth.  I keep telling myself I need to find my passion, my drive, I need a reason.  I knew I wanted or I thought I wanted a deeper relationship with Christ. I was talking as though I this was something I was seeking.  It’s crazy how we can talk our way into believing we are seeking the Truth.  All words, no action.

I have come to the realization with my friends praying for me and I myself that my soul is HUNGRY, it’s THIRSTY.  That empty feeling, that void inside myself… there is nothing this world can do for me, but only my Savior can fill.  My soul is crying out for food and water.  If we aren’t close to our soul, we will miss it.  We will ignore what our soul is actually needing.

Christ has called us to three duties as a Christian: giving, praying, and fasting.

I missed the third, fasting.  There are so many decisions in my life right now to be made and I am wanting a breakthrough.  I have uncertainty and distractions all around me; I keep wondering is this right or am I just wanting these things so much I think they are or is it God leading me. I finally have woken up to what God is saying and my soul needs.  God wants all of me, not just my words, not just my time, not just my desire, he wants me to be completely empty before him.  My spirit is cluttered by things of this world.  In Matthew 6, Christ talks about our giving, our prayer life, and fasting… and I find it relevant that in the next chapter He speaks of asking, seeking, and knocking…  Are you ready to hear Him and find the anwser.

Christ wants to reveal to each of us the desires of our soul.  He wants to speak life into us.  He needs us to be ready.  He spoke to me a month maybe even two months ago to be ready.  Get prepared and be ready.  I thought this meant you have this time off clean your house, get organized with the family and all.  Little did I realize he meant get prepared and be ready I have something to for you, I want to lead you….  I missed the Truth to His words, I was so cluttered with me and the world around me.  Christ wants me and you; He wants our obedience, to bare our souls to Him.  How though??

Fasting is an answer I found.  I know about giving, not just our money, but our time, our service… I love to do this… I know about prayer, spending the quiet time with him, sharing with him… But what I didn’t realize was fasting we are called to as well.  I thought fasting was an option per say.  I knew about it, but I didn’t quite catch on.

Fasting can happen a number of different ways and for an unlimited number of reasons. The most important thing to know about fasting is that it is to be done in secret.   Its not to be told to everyone you talk to or displayed on a bulletin board for the world to see.  Its sacred between you and God. A book I am currently reading is:  Fasting by Jentezen Franklin.  It is a great read, one that I am coasting right through.

Fasting means to crucify. Giving up something you desire or participate in frequently and replacing it with prayer.  I love Starbucks, daily, twice a day at times… It would be crucifying that urge to go to Starbucks and replacing that desire with prayer.  If your a news junkie, it could be resisting the urge to watch the news or listen to it… giving it up completely for a period of time, but when you would be watching the news or listening to it, again replacing it with prayer.  Fasting can mean giving up food completely as well… there are different degrees of fasting.  I encourage you to learn and seek more knowledge on this duty we are called too.