God is kewl in many ways.  Like the past couple of months, I’ve thought okay I have a mission, I have ideas, I have the skills, how do I do what I need to do.  I know God has provided an answer, but sometimes do you ever just hesitate and wonder how.  I want to take the next step, but really how is it gonna work.  I know that I know but the enemy has his way of just making you question how.

Take the step and move forward, your Savior wants to bless you and show you more. When you know God is leading you and you take your step in faith know that you will have others whom come up against you.  Be steady in your faith and trust Him to lead you.

As Ron and I make decisions for 2009, others may not quite understand them, but we know God is lighting our paths.  The crossroads can be difficult at times to go through but God is stronger and wiser than us.  We are following God through His mentoring.  He has given me skills to use along the way to provide an income for us, now I need to put them to action.  It can be overwhelming where to begin, but first is acceptance, getting a coach, establishing the task lists, and steadily taking each step.  The next 30 – 45 days will be encouraging, enlightening, and at times not easy, but I will continue to strive ahead to make progress each day.  I can’t wait to share all the excitement with each of you in 60 days….. 2009 is the year to Give Back and Celebrate Change!