Geesh talk about being a slacker… Do you ever feel like you have so much you want to do and wonder what keeps you from doing it?  Okay I know we all could say time is against us, we don’t have enough time in a day.  But seriously some things we just don’t give the time too.

Wow, as I wrote that a few things popped into my head.  Like prayer, reading the Word daily, exercising, blogging, reading for self knowledge, making a phone call, smiling at someone instead of scowling… These things are simple they don’t require a whole lot of time, but yet we put them off.

Okay the word isn’t slacker… it’s LAZY.. I am lazy.

Why do we allow ourselves the time to be this way?  Doesn’t it feel better to accomplish these small things and give back into the lives of others than to put them off.  For me it does, I would rather feel accomplished than lazy and unmotivated.

I have learned since I am not working, I need an out for the day.  I need to get out of the house to get some things accomplished.  Even it I am sitting at Starbucks to do them, I need to be out of the grave which for me is my house.  Then it makes it easier to go home, clean, cook, and if time permits catch a recorded tv show.  I think commercials are a thing in the past for me, I can’t stand to watch a show with interruptions; I’d rather tape a show and fast forward through the commercials.  It sures saves time!

I challenge each of you write a list of things you want to do after work and reward yourself with the sense of accomplishment once you complete it.  Really what is 15 min of time or even 30 min…. It doesnt take more than that when you begin to acccomplish each one of the items I mentioned.  You will learn that as you do these things in a small amount of time you will hunger to do add more.

Find your grave and step away from it.