Have you ever wanted to do something and attempted to succeed at it but with each attempt weren’t successful.  Well let me explain.

I have a list of blogs that I follow and my peeps have great background, everything is personalized, from the title to their pictures.  I think geesh this must be easy right and it probably is… I find myself rather technical.  I can help others fix their laptops or build a pc; I can learn and help with any software applications, but for some rather odd reason I can’t design or edit or figure out this whole blog thing.

I have two blog spots… this one of course and its through wordpress and then I have created one on blogger but that hasn’t gone anywhere.

I expect that once I get some help … HINT HINT HINT….f rom the world out there and friends, it will be rather easy and I’ll be like oh ya I get it…. hahahaha and be able to laugh with you all reading this who are saying “Really, you don’t get it, geesh”.

You can reach me on FB or email me….

Big Thanks for all you assist me in creating a cool blog spot…..