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God is kewl in many ways.  Like the past couple of months, I’ve thought okay I have a mission, I have ideas, I have the skills, how do I do what I need to do.  I know God has provided an answer, but sometimes do you ever just hesitate and wonder how.  I want to take the next step, but really how is it gonna work.  I know that I know but the enemy has his way of just making you question how.

Take the step and move forward, your Savior wants to bless you and show you more. When you know God is leading you and you take your step in faith know that you will have others whom come up against you.  Be steady in your faith and trust Him to lead you.

As Ron and I make decisions for 2009, others may not quite understand them, but we know God is lighting our paths.  The crossroads can be difficult at times to go through but God is stronger and wiser than us.  We are following God through His mentoring.  He has given me skills to use along the way to provide an income for us, now I need to put them to action.  It can be overwhelming where to begin, but first is acceptance, getting a coach, establishing the task lists, and steadily taking each step.  The next 30 – 45 days will be encouraging, enlightening, and at times not easy, but I will continue to strive ahead to make progress each day.  I can’t wait to share all the excitement with each of you in 60 days….. 2009 is the year to Give Back and Celebrate Change!


Todays message at church was great. Practical Athesist you can check it our for yourself Tuesday live on the internet.

The message to me made me think of the way I spend my time.  To most Time is Money.  I thought I am going to see how many shows I have recording on my dvr and read that much more.  Let’s say I have 5 shows recording, which is equal to 5 hours, than I will read for 6 hours. By reading I don’t mean junk fictional stuff I mean my bible and a book that can inspire and motivate me to become more of who God has called me to be.  I have several books in mind… Wide Awake, Soul Craving, IT, John’s Story, and In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.

The next item on my list of changes from this weeks message is how we do Christmas.  We already do it differently than most.  We celebrate Christmas by celebrating the birth of Christ with a birthday party.  We have cake, ice cream, and for gifts we write down three things we want to give to Christ the following year.  We take turns reading the Christmas story as well.  We have a nice homemade dinner and then enjoy each other’s company for the remaining of the day.  We don’t put up a Christmas tree, I love lights though. We use a homemade manager with hay in it and I hang up the star of Bethlehem in the corner.  The kids each get 3 gifts a piece, a stocking, and the kids don’t open these items until New Years Eve.  This year though I believe we are going to do it differently.  We will discuss our ideas with the kids and finalize it together as a family.  I am thinking one gift for each of them, serve at a local mission on Christmas, and an option to go on a missions trip during the following year or adopt a child from another country to provide for through a mission. I’ll keep ya posted on how we decide to move forward.  Truly do we need anything.
How do you celebrate Christmas or Birthdays? I’d love to hear your traditions or changes your making this year…..

It’s Saturday and everyone is out and about doing yard work, going shopping, visiting friends and relatives, enjoying soccer games, watching college football, and going to movies.  Its a beautiful day here in So Cal.  Sun is shining, wind is blowing (hard), and leaves have fallen.  I sit here in my living room enjoying the sound of the wind chimes and listening to the wind blow.  So amazing how we can’t see the wind, though we feel it and hear it.  Such is the beauty of the wind.

The sound of the wind chimes brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. We are home today just relishing in the quietness of the day.  Relaxing instead of rushing the day by.   I hear the leaves roll across the sidewalk, the birds sing as they enjoy the company of one another while in search of food. Once they find the food I’ve placed outside the window I get to enjoy them flying in and away from the holder. I watch them push one another and peck one another off the perches.

I sit here this morning and ponder the works of our God.  I love reading his word and just visioning it as a picture or a painting.  Read these verses and imagine them with me as a piece of artwork… Someone just to draw this…maybe I’ll try to get the picture in my mind to a piece of paper to hang in my home.

Job 26: 6-10

Death is naked before God; Destruction lies uncovered. He spreads out the northern skies, over empty space; He suspends the earth over nothing. He wraps up the waters in his clouds, yet the clouds do not burst under their weight. He covers the face of the full moon, spreading his clouds over it. He marks out the horizon on the face of the waters for a boundary between light and darkness.

Wow what a picture and as I look outside I just relish and the world he’s made me a part of.  I really am blessed to have the opportunity to move throughout different parts of the country every few years.  To see the works and wonders God has given us which I have so long taken for granted.  I look forward to our next day or night that we go to the beach and walk along the ocean.  To see the dolphins jump, the waves crash, to hear the sea lions moan, to look out upon the boundary of the horizon.  The meaning has changed to me than before.  I love reading the word and growing closer to God.  I get excited to find new meaning to my life.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and I hope your picture of his words keep you in amazement of His beauty and power.

Statement from Charlie “Tremendous” Jones back in July 2008 to his friends at ABC 27 WHTM:

“Some live their lives according to the calendar. I live my life according to experiences, so I think I’m about 1,800 years and I’m tired. I gotta get out of here,” he laughs.

At 4 pm, October 16, 2008, Charles Edward “Tremendous” Jones, with family at his side, triumphantly entered the gates of Heaven. We can only imagine the joy that he experienced!  (

Awww, so glad to hear our brother in Christ has gone to be our Papa.  His life has a legacy to be heard still by many and he’ll continue to inspire even though he is no longer here to physically to do so.  To hear or read words by Charlie goto, they have a grand collection.

Our hearts are with his family at this time of sadness and celebration.  They are having a homegoing celebration this Friday evening, from 7 – 8:30pm (EST) in Camp Hill, PA. You can goto the above site I listed for more information.

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